Friday, February 10, 2006


Why do people like cheese? It tastes good? And I mean so many people eat it without anything, like crackers. I can't stand cheese but I can at least comprehend eating cheese and crackers. But cheese without crackers? That's just mushy crap, I'm sorry. And today, this woman sitting next to me in class takes out this BLOCK of cheese and eats the whole thing. With the smell and look of it I thought I was going to vomit. So people eat that...then why don't they just take out a container of sour cream and eat it all up with a spoon?

So yes, I do believe there are rules about eating, and another is that celery should not be eaten raw. It needs to at least have peanut butter with it. I have a friend who eats raw celery without anything on it and not only that, she pulls off strands and eats them, like how you'd eat string cheese. So then why doesn't she just eat dental floss?

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Anonymous said...

gross. why do they eat cottage cheese like that too!? blech.