Monday, December 05, 2005


is the answer when someone doesn't have a good comeback:

You're a dork.
Takes one to know one!

Think about it, that's when the verbal battle ends. It's the indication that the conversation's over. So we can also have this conversation:

Will you marry me?

Done, end of story.


Anonymous said...

you wish! hahaha.

Felda, Jerry Seinfeld's Biggest Fan said...

So is this a joke River Selkie? Remember, this is a HUMOROUS site, so you should only reply w/ jokes. Otherwise, you may be getting a nemesis-wah ha ha!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

you can always counter "whatever" with "you wish" thus prolonging the inane conversations. for example...

~you wish!
~no, YOU wish.
~no YOU.
ad nauseum.