Have you noticed that the phrase "let's give 'em a hand" has two different, almost opposite, meanings? It can mean to cheer for or congratulate someone, or, to help someone. So in the first instance it means "you're great, you did it" and the latter means "you need help." Could be translated to "you're successful" and "you're pathetic" or "can't do it alone." So it'd be really funny if at a recital the emcee says "let's give him a hand" and nobody claps but rather, someone goes up and holds his hand to help him get off the stage.

And then there's "the upper hand" and "on the other hand." How in the world did this one body part get so much attention and meaning? I don't even bother with trying to get any hand, upper, lower, or middle. Especially with dating. With that it's either he's worth my time, or not worth any hand at all. What I really need is like 6 more hands, taking multi-tasking to it's max, and worsening my ADHD.