Monday, November 14, 2005


I cannot tell you HOW many times I've forgotten to ask someone a question I really want to ask them when I see them in person. When we run into each other we shoot the breeze, joke around, or if it's someone I don't like, my excellent acting skills would never make you guess I don't care for them. And then I come home, sit at my computer, and EMAIL them the simple little question. I'm all for computers and technology and all, and I can't say that it hasn't made my life tons easier, but now we are just having relationships with our computers, not other people. Pretty soon we'll be having sex over email too. Kinda like, I forgot to hump him when I saw him at home after work. Then he went out for a night on the town with his buddies and I emailed him saying "Ooo baby, yes, yes, yes, more, do that more!!!!"

The topper is when people have conversations over email. No, I don't mean instant messenger, of course that's a conversation on-line, I mean when people rsvp to a meeting, hit reply to ALL and simply say "I'll come." Folks, feel free to just hit REPLY without the "all" to tell someone you're coming to a meeting. Otherwise my inbox is filled with a bunch of messages that are one-liners saying "yes", "I'll come" , "that's funny!" or "shut up." And I didn't even open my mouth to deserve the last one.

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