The new toilet

Yes folks, I'm obsessed with toilets. But hey, it's a necessary piece of equipment for us and unless I am able to comfortably take care of this basic bodily function, how can I accomplish anything else in the day? Anyway, the new motion-sensored toilet is probably the dumbest thing I've seen so far. I mean, we are capable of reaching back and pulling the lever. Furthermore, not only are the new toilets unnecessary, they are actually counter-productive, and more water gets wasted. I set the paper toilet seat cover on the seat and the damn toilet thinks it's time to flush, so I lose the paper cover before I can pull down my pants and sit on the seat! One of the most annoying things next to people who ask stupid questions, I'll tell you that. Next time I have to remember to get half-naked first, then put the paper cover on so I can sit down in time. I mean what the hell do they think we're gonna do? Like we have time to just stay in the stall and flush the toilet for fun. I mean, yeah, next time I'm basking in some free time, I'll lock myself in a stall and just flush away for the heck of it. BRING BACK THE OLD TOILETS!!!