Sunday, September 11, 2005

How do you like them apples?

Apples? Why apples? I wouldn't think they are people's favorite fruit. There's a whole other list of things I could say instead like "How do you like them mangoes? How do you like them grapes? How do you like them chocolate chips?"

Or, where did "that's just bologna" come from? I'm vegetarian now but when I did eat meat, I liked bologna, don't most people? Doesn't it make more sense to say "that's just brocolli" ? Though, I do like brocolli...


Anonymous said...

if you ask questions, even rhetorical, i just might try to answer them.

so...i think the bologna thing has something to do with it not being a pure's a mix of things like pork, beef, and veal. and prolly the lesser qualities, so it wasn't worth as much. hence the "that's bologna" being a dismissal of some thing's value. i bet people used to try to pass it off on unsuspecting buyers who didn't know any better.

oh, and i found this:

Anonymous said...

i just don't know about them apples.