I like to live in a clean and tidy house, so even though I don't like the actual act of cleaning, I do it because there is nobody else to do it. I don't mind some things like vacuuming or laundry, or even cleaning the bathroom, but I HATE dusting! Even though everything else has to be done regularly just like dusting does, there is something about the dusting that makes me feel so resentful. It's like the sense of accomplishment lasts maybe 2 minutes after it's done and then I think "It's continuing to pile up even right after I've finished." There's just no winning with it...I feel like whenever I dust, the dust particles are laughing and saying "he he he, sucker! we're just going to be back again so why do you bother?"

Here's another area in which my cat could be more useful..she likes rubbing up again things all the time, so why the hell doesn't she just rub herself around the surfaces in my apartment and dust for me? But nooo, she has to just lay there on the floor and watch me while I do it. Funny, so much of our time is spent on life-management activities like cleaning, shopping, paying bills, appointments, etc., that when are we actually living our lives?