Okay, so what's the point of the boy's bike having the bar in the middle? Why is it there? What's the purpose? And, if anything, it's the boy's bike that you would think would NOT have such a bar given the pain involved in certain circumstances! Yet growing up (and still today), I get this feeling that boys bikes are "real" bikes and that a true bike rider can ride those. That like you're cool if you can ride the boy bikes. (Needless to say I resent that feeling.).

But if a nutsac hits the bar and the boy falls, well then, nothing cool about that now is it?


So what happened to the Colgate Total brand soft-bristled, compact head, toothbrush? I find that to be the best fit for me. But now it's nowhere to be found, nowhere!

So we can put a man on the moon or text-message someone in another country, but I can't find a simple toothbrush???

If only Felda ruled the world-ha! ;)


Ever notice how whenever there is a big story on the national news the local news also covers that same story the same day? Not even the same day but the same HOUR for crying out loud. So when NBC is done covering a story, the local channel 12 news starts covering that very same story a MINUTE later. Hmm...don't they think that because we just saw the story on the national news that we don't want to hear about it again on their lame news show? Are you telling me they don't have anything DIFFERENT to report on that may be directly related to that city? Copycats...

See that's just it. We tell students not to copy or cheat, but news shows do the same thing. Or we tell kids that fighting isn't the way to solve anything, while the countries go to war with each other. Such fucking hypocrisy.

In that case, teachers shouldn't bother trying to break up fights or stop cheating. Then maybe the little shits who do those things can be done with. And when time is not wasted on such things, maybe teachers can get some real teaching of the core subjects in!


The more that I think about it, I don't see the point to marriage. You have to see each other first thing in the morning with morning breath, have to hear the other person fart, have to fight about finances and cleaning the house, and have to always make compromises so no one partner gets exactly what they want all the time.

Doesn't it make more sense to be officially independent and just date? I mean if marriage were so great, why do we hear more complaints about it than positive comments? Think about it, those who are married really only want the "dating" aspect of the marriage anyway. Because rather than do things together as PARTNERS (which is what I thought marriage is) people want to hire help for things such as housecleaning just to avoid fighting about it. Wouldn't it strengthen your relationship if you tried to do such things together and have fun with it? So if you don't want to do anything together other than the typical fun things, aren't we just left with dating anyway?

The wedding vows should really be, "Do you promise to put up with each other until death parts you? And try to sprinkle some fun in between."


Here's another cliche: "I don't like conflict."

Really? I don't see why, because feeling uncomfortable is so much fun!

I don't get how some people just don't see that certain things are just a part of life. You don't wanna live? Well there are ways to take care of *that.*

Flower arranging

What coincidence. I'm reading the book To Have and to Hold by Jane Green (good, entertaining novel with a pretty hot sex scene that us single women need) and I'm on the chapter where she takes this flower arranging class. And when I had friends over for dinner on Saturday night, they brought me flowers-very nice of them. :)

But, a flower arranging class? Really? I mean people have to take a class for that? Isn't it common sense? You put the baby's breath and leaves in the back and the flowers in the front? Does anyone NOT think to put the shorter flowers in front?

In that case, why don't we have classes for learning how to wash dishes? Or cleaning the kitchen? Or mopping floors? People certainly need help with all those things. Or a class for men on how to kiss? I would think those are all more helpful than FLOWER ARRANGING. Just a guess...